1 Mbit SPI Serial Flash -- SST25VF010A
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

SST's serial flash family features a four-wire, SPI-compatible interface that allows for a low pin-count package occupying less board space and ultimately lowering total system costs. SST25VF010A SPI serial flash memory is manufactured with SST proprietary, high performance CMOS SuperFlash... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Commercial (optional feature); Industrial (optional feature); Extended
  • Technology: NAND
  • Density: 1000
  • Data Retention: 100
Programmable ROM -- M25P16-VMN3PB [M25P16-VMN3PB from Micron Technology, Inc.]
from Perfect Parts Corporation

2M X 8 FLASH 3V PROM, PDSO8 [See More]

  • Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE
  • Number of Words: 2000
  • Density: 16777
  • Bits per Word: 8
TT Semiconductor FLASH Memory -- TTZ2564
from TT Semiconductor, Inc.

TT Semiconductor is the leading manufacturer of electronic components designed to survive under extreme temperature ranges and harsh environmental conditions. The current standard product offering is focused on high performance analog and memory devices. TT Semiconductor is a newly formed division... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Military; Mil-Processed, Extended Temperature
  • Operating Temperature: -55 to 200
  • Density: 64000
  • Supply Voltage: 2.7-3.3V
from Force Technologies Ltd.

2M X 16 FLASH 5V PROM, 70 ns, PDSO48 [See More]

  • Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE
  • Number of Words: 2000
  • Density: 33554
  • Bits per Word: 16
from Macronix International Co., Ltd.

512KX16 FLASH 5V PROM, 120ns, PDSO48 [See More]

  • Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE
  • Number of Words: 512
  • Density: 8389
  • Bits per Word: 16
32 Megabit (4M x 8-Bit) Flash Memory -- 29F0408
from Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Maxwell Technologies ’ 29F0408 high-performance flash memory. The 29F0408 is a 4M (4,194,304) x 8-bit NAND Flash Memory with a spare 128K (131,072) x 8-bit. A program operation programs the 528-byte page in 250 µ s and an erase operation can be performed in 2 ms on an 8K-byte block. Data... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Commercial; Industrial; Military; Class E, I, B, S
  • Number of Words: 4000
  • Density: 32
  • Bits per Word: 8