Neutron Radiation Detectors Datasheets

NRF31 Electronic Personal Dosimeter
from Fuji Electric Corp. of America

The system continuously monitors personal dose when personnel are in controlled areas. Features. Ideal for a wide range of energy measurement - Gamma ray: 30keV to 6 MeV , Beta ray: 200 keV to 2.3 MeV and Neutron: 0.025 eV to 15 MeV. Accordance with IEC 61526:2010, JIS Z4312:2004. Compact and... [See More]

  • Types of Ionizing Radiation Detected: Gamma Ray; Neutron
  • Types of Radiation Detectors: Semiconductor Diode Detector; Dosimeter
  • Detector Style: Portable Detector
  • Detectable Activity Range: 0.0150 to 25
Bf3 Neutron Beam Monitor -- LND 2231
from LND, Inc.

Bf3 Neutron Beam Monitor [See More]

  • Types of Ionizing Radiation Detected: Neutron