Market:Other Deionizers Datasheets

Commercial Anti-Scale System -- M8410-COM
from Watts

ScaleNet ™ anti-scale commercial systems are designed for higher flow rates while utilizing an advanced media, designed to prevent and eliminate scale without the use of chemicals, brine or wasted backwash water. [See More]

  • Market: Other; Commercial
  • Operating Flow Rates: 15
  • Removal Application: Demineralization; Purification
Deionisers ELGA -- 4AJ-9951495
from Carl Stuart Co.

Vision 250 [See More]

  • Market: Other; Laboratory
  • Removal Application: Other; Deionizer
CDI-LX™ System -- Model CDILX 1001
from Siemens Water Technologies

CDI-LX ™ systems are pre-engineered systems specifically designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, power, microelectronics and general industry customer. Continuous Electrodeionization is your safe, chemical-free way to take RO (reverse osmosis) water to a higher level of purity. [See More]

  • Market: Industrial; Other; Pharmaceutical, Power, Microelectronics
  • Operating Flow Rates: 2.5 to 7.5
  • Removal Application: Purification