Residential Deionizers Datasheets

DT-Series Water Softener -- DT9000-0
from Res-Kem LLC

DT-Series Water Softeners. Res-Kem DT Softeners are available in a wide range of selfcontained packages configured in dual tank, meter demand systems to remove calcium and magnesium hardness from your water. Res-Kem DT Softeners are designed for light commercial and industrial water softening... [See More]

  • Market: Industrial; Residential
  • Peak Flow Rate: 6
  • Operating Flow Rates: 4
  • Resin Capacity: 0.5000
Dual-Media Water Softener with W100 Valves - W100 Series
from Watts

Features & Benefits. • Combines two technologies in one single tank. • One control valve and mineral tank to reduce costs. • Carbon and resin are in separate chambers. • Proper contact time is provided by using two chambers. • No media migration with carbon and resin... [See More]

  • Market: Residential
  • Resin Capacity: 1
  • Operating Flow Rates: 2 to 6
LCTA-150 Twin Alternating Tank Softeners -- m2218se
from Reverse Osmosis of South Florida, Inc.

Ideal softeners when soft water is required 24 / 7, without interruption. Suitable for commercial applications ranging from 60,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal capacity, at flow rates to 49 GPM. Please contact us for models not listed. [See More]

  • Market: Medical / Food; Residential