Condensate Polishing Ion Exchange Equipment Datasheets

DOW™ Electrodionization Modules -- EDI-310
from Dow Water & Process Solutions

With unsurpassed technological innovations and R &D capabilities, combined with state-of-the-art design and production processes, Dow Water & Process Solutions consistently delivers high performance, long service life, electrodeionization products to customers worldwide. By harnessing... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Condensate Polishing; Ultra Pure Water
  • Operating Flow Rates: 6.6 to 10
  • Market: Industrial
Condensate Polishing
from Eco-Tec, Inc.

Power plants today are striving for higher purity water within the steam circuit and, in many plants, condensate quality has a major impact on cycle chemistry. Air-cooled condensers and peaking plants often have challenges with high iron oxide loading in the condensate while water-cooled condensers... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Condensate Polishing
  • Market: Industrial
Industrial Hard Water Treatment System -- HIME Series
from Scalewatcher North America, Inc.

Main voltage:110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Energy consumption: Less than 0.2 kWh (Depending on model). Main cable: Three meter (10 ft) with molded mains plug. Overload protection: Internal and external fuses. Signal cable: Three core with enough length to make the coil. Controls: Digital display and bar... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening; Condensate Polishing; Ultra Pure Water

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