Demineralization Ion Exchange Equipment Datasheets

Ohm-Σ-Tech Two Bed Deionizer -- TB18(5.5)F
from Res-Kem LLC

Ohm- Σ-Tech Two-Bed Deionizers. Res-Kem ’s OHM- Σ-TECH Series two-bed deionizers are available as standard pre-engineered units or as custom designed systems with the flexibility to meet a wide range of individual customer requirements. The deionizers can be supplied in combination... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Demineralization
  • Operating Flow Rates: 15
  • Market: Industrial
  • Resin Capacity: 5.5
Grain Model with Fleck® -- M2010
from Watts

Our most economical models, systems include mineral tank (9 in. x 48 in.), Time clock Fleck ® 5600 valve, brine tank assembly (18 in. x 40 in.), assembled unit. 3/4" bypass included. [See More]

  • Removal Application: Demineralization; Purification
  • Market: Residential; Other; Commercial
Recoflo® High Purity Water Softener
from Eco-Tec, Inc.

Recoflo ® Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs up to 40%, use less brine and water for regeneration and deliver less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness. Lower regenerant use means less waste is generated and the compact design makes it ideal for retrofit... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening; Demineralization
  • Market: Industrial