Digital Depth Gage Depth Gages Datasheets

MarCal Digital Depth Gage 30 ER
from Mahr Federal Inc.

Immediate measurement due to the Reference system. MarConnect data output choose either USB, Opto RS232C or Digimatic. Can be used for both depth and distance measurements. PRESET function for distance measurement (in conjunction with accessory 30 ESa) [See More]

  • Gage Type: Depth Gage; Digital Display
  • Range: 0.0 to 20
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Resolution: 5.00E-4
Compact Digital Micrometer -- MF-1001 Digimicro
from Nikon Metrology

The MF-1001 is a compact digital micrometer offering flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth. It features a measuring length equal to 100mm and accuracy of 1 µm at 20 ° C. Stands are available in ceramic, steel or granite for added stability and a wide variety of... [See More]

  • Gage Type: Depth Gage; Digital Display
  • Range: 3.94
  • Gaging Technology: Other; Photoelectric
  • Units: English; Metric
Labmicrometer™ -- LM1600
from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

If a large direct reading range is important to you, choose the Labmicrometer measuring system. Designed for gage calibration laboratories requiring precise internal and external measurements over long lengths. It's popular with aerospace and defense contractors because of its robust design. Common... [See More]

  • Gage Type: Micrometer; Depth Gage (optional feature); Gaging System or Station; Digital Display
  • Range: 0.0 to 64
  • Gaging Technology: Electronic; Mechanical; Optical
  • Resolution: 1.00E-7
Digit Counter Depth Micrometer -- 52225176 [52225176 from Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

"The Fowler T52-225-176 is an economy digit counter depth micrometer with 0-6"" range and 2.5"" base." [See More]

  • Gage Type: Micrometer; Depth Gage; Digital Display
  • Range: 0.0 to 6
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Resolution: 1.00E-3
Crosscheck™ Laser Profile Sensor -- CC3000-100
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

Use CrossCheck for faster startups and changeovers while reducing product scrap and rework. Easily diagnose root causes of product variation to improve dimensional quality and operator variability, enabling 100% product certification. [See More]

  • Gage Type: Micrometer; Depth Gage; Combination Depth or Angle Gage; Gaging System or Station; Dial / Analog / Direct Reading; Digital Display
  • Range: 3.35 to 4.53
  • Gaging Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 0.0012
from Chicago Dial Indicator Co., Inc.

Designed for measuring the depths of slots, holes, recesses, etc from 0"-1" [See More]

  • Gage Type: Depth Gage; Digital Display
  • Range: 0.0 to 1
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Units: English
Custom Gages & Gaging Systems
from Edmunds Gages

From modified catalog gage to fully automatic, computerized gaging systems [See More]

  • Gage Type: Depth Gage (optional feature); Gaging System or Station (optional feature); Dial / Analog / Direct Reading (optional feature); Digital Display (optional feature)
  • Units: English (optional feature); Metric (optional feature)
  • Gaging Technology: Air or Pneumatic (optional feature); Electronic (optional feature); Mechanical (optional feature)
  • Measurement Capability: External or OD Gage (optional feature); Internal or ID Gage (optional feature); Universal Gage (optional feature); Gages for specific part geometries