Surface Gage Height Gages Datasheets

Precision Measuring Probe -- DIT 10.11 [DIT 10.11 from RSF Electronics, Inc.]
from Electromate

For universal applications. Stroke length 10 mm. Flat version. Mounting on shaft sleeve. With cable lifter. Sealing bellows optional [See More]

  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage; Dial / Analog / Direct Reading (optional feature)
  • Range: ? to 0.3937
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Units: Metric
Digital Length Gauges -- Certo Series
from HEIDENHAIN Corporation

HEIDENHAIN-CERTO length gauges feature a large measuring range, provide high linear accuracy and offer resolution in the nanometer range. They are used predominantly for production quality control of high-precision parts and for the monitoring and calibration of reference standards. Length gauges... [See More]

  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage; Digital Display (optional feature)
  • Range: 0.0388 to 0.0930
  • Gaging Technology: Electronic (optional feature); Mechanical (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 1.97E-7
Height Gauge -- GT-A10

General Purpose Digital Contact Sensor [See More]

  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage; Dial / Analog / Direct Reading; Digital Display
  • Range: 0.0 to 0.3900
  • Gaging Technology: Electronic; Mechanical
  • Resolution: 1.20E-4
Digimar 817 CLM Quick Height
from Mahr Federal Inc.

The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 817 CLM with the innovative. Quick Mode. Highly accurate rapid measurements, a wide range of measuring and evaluation possiblities and excellent operator comfort. Excellent accuracy and reliabilty. Ergonomic operating and display unit. Universal... [See More]

  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage; Digital Display
  • Resolution: 1.00E-5
  • Range: 0.0 to 40
  • Units: English; Metric
Crosscheck™ Laser Profile Sensor -- CC3000-100
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

Use CrossCheck for faster startups and changeovers while reducing product scrap and rework. Easily diagnose root causes of product variation to improve dimensional quality and operator variability, enabling 100% product certification. [See More]

  • Gage Type: Micrometer; Surface Gage; Height Gage; Gaging System or Station; Dial / Analog / Direct Reading; Digital Display
  • Resolution: 0.0012
  • Range: 3.35 to 4.53
  • Units: English; Metric
Incremental Length Gauges -- NT 12
from RSF Electronics, Inc.

Compact size, fast and easy installation, robust design [See More]

  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage
  • Range: ? to 0.4724
  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Resolution: 0.0500