All In One Module -- UGZZ
from Alps Electric (USA) Inc.

GFSK modulation, surface mount, external antenna, minimum 10,000 units [See More]

  • Network Type: Bluetooth™
  • Bus / Interface Type: Bluetooth™
  • Access Point Form Factor: Internal
  • Frequency Band: 2402MHz - 2480MHz
AP Avionx -- Cab-N Connect™
from AP Labs, Inc.

The AACU provides a high performance air-to-ground (ATG) communication link. The advanced solution incorporates the ATG EV-DO Rev. A radio modem, an embedded GPS receiver and terrestrial EV-DO radio modem, a 5-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (3 external/2 internal), and an internal ARM9 processor card... [See More]

  • Network Type: Ethernet; 2 x 1000BT
  • Access Point Form Factor: External
  • PoE Ready: PoE Ready (optional feature)
  • Bus / Interface Type: PCI
Bluetooth Access Point -- Parani-MSP1000A
from Sena Technologies

Industrial Bluetooth supporting 7 Bluetooth connections [See More]

  • Network Type: Ethernet; Bluetooth
  • Bus / Interface Type: RJ-45
  • Access Point Form Factor: External
  • Data Rate: up to 3Mbps