Industrial Applications:Other Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems Datasheets

MarForm MarForm Primar MX 4 XXL Universal Formtester
from Mahr Federal Inc.

The Primar MX4 XXL is ideal for measuring crankshafts with their specific requirements regarding form and position measurements. The centering and tilting table is designed with extra-large adjustment ranges (centering range ± 72 mm in both X and Y direction). This enables alignment of the... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace / Defense; Bearings, Gears, Shafting, Seals, etc.; Optics / Photonics; Electronics; Textile, Hydraulics, Metrology
  • Additional Capability: Area or three dimensional profile
  • Form Parameters: Cylindricity or Cylinder Gage; Roundness; Straightness
  • Technology: Contact / Stylus
3D Optical Profiler -- NewView™ 600s
from Zygo Corporation

Fast 3D noncontact profilometer, manual benchtop unit [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace / Defense; Automotive; Coatings / Films; Flat Panel Display; Bearings, Gears, Shafting, Seals, etc.; Medical; Nanomaterials; Optics / Photonics; Precision Machining / Grinding; Electronics; Production or Factory Use; Bore / ID Analysis (optional feature); Laboratory Research
  • Standards Compliance: ASME; ISO / EN; DIN; JIS
  • Form Parameters: Flatness; Step Height; Warp / Bow
  • Additional Capability: 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile; Roughness; Spacing; Thickness; Waviness; Hybrid Parameters; Defects, dimples or film residues; Lay / Pattern; Swedish Height (H), Peak Density, Summit Spacing & Density, 3D Surface Visualization