DIN Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems Datasheets

MarForm MFU 100 Reference Formtester
from Mahr Federal Inc.

Reference form measuring station of a new dimension. To be used in the measuring room or directly on the shop floor. Highest accuracy. Reduction of production costs. Shop floor use. Fully automatic measuring sequences [See More]

  • Standards Compliance: ISO / EN; DIN
  • Additional Capability: Area or three dimensional profile; Conicity, Line Form, Position (DIN ISO 1101), Cone Form, Diameter.
  • Form Parameters: Coaxiality; Cylindricity or Cylinder Gage; Eccentricity / Concentricity; Flatness; Parallelism; Roundness; Runout; Squareness / Angularity; Straightness
  • Scan Rate: 0.0039 to 1.97
3D Optical Profiler -- NewView™ 600s
from Zygo Corporation

Fast 3D noncontact profilometer, manual benchtop unit [See More]

  • Standards Compliance: ASME; ISO / EN; DIN; JIS
  • Additional Capability: 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile; Roughness; Spacing; Thickness; Waviness; Hybrid Parameters; Defects, dimples or film residues; Lay / Pattern; Swedish Height (H), Peak Density, Summit Spacing & Density, 3D Surface Visualization
  • Form Parameters: Flatness; Step Height; Warp / Bow
  • Diameter / Width: 6