Tilt/Bank Indicators
from Fredericks Company - Televac

For tilt applications where a visual indication or measurement is required, Fredericks inclinometers are ideal. An inclinometer is comprised of a glass tube, bent to a specific radius, which determines its angular range. A ball is inserted in the tube, then the tube is filled with a clear,... [See More]

  • Application: Construction; Auto, Rail, Aircraft, Ship or other Vehicle; Vehicle Tilt Warnings
  • Measuring Technology: Vial Type
  • Level Type: Clinometer or Inclinometer
  • Angular Range: 0.0 to 45
Compact Inclinometer Sensor -- NB3 Series
from Rieker, Inc.

The NB3 is a static accelerometer (utilized as an inclinometer) with a high degree of accuracy for measuring small tilt angles of any object with respect to gravity. The sensor's primary transformer consists of a capacitive spring-mass system with gas-dynamic damping. Manufactured either with a... [See More]

  • Application: Surveying or Field Work; Automation/ Inspection
  • Measuring Technology: Electronic
  • Level Type: Clinometer or Inclinometer
  • Angular Range: -20 to 20