Dial Levels Datasheets

TESA® NIVELTRONIC Electronic Levels
from Inspec Inc.

Most popular measuring instruments with solid cast iron body for the inspection and alignment of horizontal and vertical surfaces - Also suitablefor precision measurement of small inclinations, for instance for flatnessinspection on surface plates. [See More]

  • Reading Method / Display: Dial
  • Measuring Technology: Mechanical
  • Level Type: Clinometer or Inclinometer
  • Materials of Construction: Cast iron body. Horizontal model with mountable granite sole plate
from Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.

Analog output +/- .2V, no calibration required, easy setting [See More]

  • Reading Method / Display: Dial
  • Level Type: Box or Beam Level
  • Application: Machine Shop
  • Measuring Technology: Electronic