Plastic Rules and Length Gauges Datasheets

from RS Components, Ltd.

52,63fors folding rule fibre - Linear Measurement - Rules [See More]

  • Materials of Construction: Plastic
  • Units: Metric
Double Sided Tape Measure -- 90830 [90830 from Klein Tools, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

The Klein 90830 is a double sided nylon coat steel tape measure with power return. [See More]

  • Materials of Construction: Steel; Plastic
  • Graduations: 16ths
  • Rule / Length Gauge Type: Tape Measure
  • Decimal Resolution: 0.0625
Tape -- Pi Tape®
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Hi-Tech Seals has available for customers, the same PI Tape ® we use in our facility. The PI Tape ® has both standard and metric measurements on it. Simply unwind the within the inside diameter of the o-ring and the tape will provide a sizing number or ID size that can be giving to Hi-Tech... [See More]

  • Materials of Construction: Plastic
  • Reading Method / Display: Graduated scale
  • Rule / Length Gauge Type: Flexible
  • Units: Inches; Metric