Laboratory Static Mixers Datasheets

Disposable Mixers for Quick Spray System -- Series 160AA
from Nordson EFD

This disposable static mixer is designed for use with conventional meter/mix equipment or with Nordson EFD ’s two-component cartridge system. The reactive coating is mixed within the disposable static mixer. At the mixer outlet, air is introduced which atomizes the liquid stream. The degree of... [See More]

  • Type: Laboratory
  • Applications / Industry: Adhesives Processing
  • Media: Liquids
TPX Static In-Line Mixer
from APV, An SPX Brand

Advantages. 3A certified. Low-cost mixing alternative - no tank is required. Reliable mixing directly in the pipes. Easy to maintain. Fast and easy CIP-cleaning [See More]

  • Type: Industrial; Laboratory
  • Applications / Industry: Food or Beverage Processing
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 29059
from Carl Stuart Co.

- Special Offer -. 20% Discount for limited period [See More]

  • Type: Laboratory
ISG Motionless Mixer
from Charles Ross and Son Company

Interfacial Surface Generator) Mixer is a continuous process, in-line mixer having no moving parts. It offers mathematically predictable layer generation in a wide variety of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid mixing applications. The mixer can quickly be installed in new and existing... [See More]

  • Type: Industrial; Laboratory
  • Viscosity Range: 10 to 5000
  • Media: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Applications / Industry: Laboratory