Liquids, Solutions, Emulsions Static Mixers Datasheets

Brawn Mixer -- MG33
from Cannon Water Technology Inc.

Brawn Mixer Model MG33. Features: Modular design concept. Flexible output coupling. Oversized sealed bearings. Optional output speeds. NEMA C face motors. Electric or pneumatic motors. Benefits: Allows for quick process changes without changing the entire mixer. Common spare parts. Match the... [See More]

  • Media: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Applications / Industry: Construction Material Processing
  • Type: Industrial
Devcon Mark 5 1 to 1 Mix Nozzle 6 IN X 21 Element -- 14285
from Ellsworth Adhesives

Devcon's Mark 5 1:1 mix nozzle automatically and thoroughly mixes adhesive components for application. 6 inch X 21 element. [See More]

  • Media: Liquids
  • Type: Industrial
Disposable Mixer for Quick Spray System -- Series 160AA
from Nordson EFD

Our Series 160AA low-pressure, air-assisted spray systems for two-component coatings produce consistent round spray patterns on irregular surfaces. Designed for use with conventional meter/mix equipment or our two-component cartridge systems, these mixers include a round air cap, which produces a... [See More]

  • Media: Liquids
  • Applications / Industry: Adhesives Processing
  • Type: Laboratory
Static Mixer -- FMX Series Static Mixers
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA FMX7200 Series mixers are designed for efficient turbulent-flow mixing at low pressure drop. Ideal for admixing water/wastewater treatment chemicals, polymer dilution, and other low-viscosity applications. Mixing elements consist of a series of polypropylene baffles, and are mounted in a PVC... [See More]

  • Media: Liquids
  • Certifications & Listings: RoHS
  • Type: Industrial
  • Applications / Industry: Adhesives Processing (optional feature); Chemical Processing (optional feature); Water / Wastewater Treatment
Static Mixers -- Helical Mixers
from Cammda Corporation

These mixing nozzles are inexpensive, disposable motionless mixers that provide thorough, air-free blending of two-part thermosetting resin systems. They work equally well on dual cartridge systems and meter-mix-dispense machines. The materials do not meet until they enter the disposable mixer,... [See More]

  • Media: Liquids
  • Applications / Industry: Adhesives Processing; Paint / Coating Processing
  • Type: Industrial
ISG Motionless Mixer
from Charles Ross and Son Company

Interfacial Surface Generator) Mixer is a continuous process, in-line mixer having no moving parts. It offers mathematically predictable layer generation in a wide variety of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid mixing applications. The mixer can quickly be installed in new and existing... [See More]

  • Media: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Viscosity Range: 10 to 5000
  • Type: Industrial; Laboratory
  • Applications / Industry: Laboratory