Screw Type Lead Acid Batteries Datasheets

Marine Batteries
from East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

The Marine Master flooded battery series rises to the top in user-friendly, marine-tough service and extended reliability. Starting Power – High Marine Cranking Power. High cranking power for quick engine starts. Flush cover, easy to install. Extra reserve capacity for emergencies. [See More]

  • Terminal Connections: Screw; Bolt-on
  • Technology: Flooded
  • Battery Type: Lead-acid Starting Battery; DualPurpose
  • Application: Marine / Recreational Vehicle
Heavy Duty Truck Absorbant Glass Mat Lead Acid Battery Series
from Johnson Controls, Inc.

Johnson Controls' AGM Group31 battery technology is built to handle the demands of life, on or off the road. Delivering both high starting power and extreme deep-cycle performance, these heavy duty batteries offer twice the performance of a conventional lead-acid battery - and twice the life. [See More]

  • Terminal Connections: Screw
  • Application: General Purpose; Automotive
  • Technology: Absorbent Glass Mat
  • Capacity: 100
HX135-12 [HX135-12 from EnerSys, Inc.]
from Legacy Power Conversion

Ideal source of power to protect vital systems [See More]

  • Terminal Connections: Screw
  • Voltage: 12
  • Application: UPS
  • Capacity: 28
Lead Acid Battery -- 18J1481
from Newark / element14

Lead Acid Battery; Battery Size Code:12 V; Battery Capacity:134Ah; Battery Technology:Lead Acid; Battery Terminals:Screw Post; Voltage Rating:12V; Voltage Rating:12V [See More]

  • Terminal Connections: Screw
  • Capacity: 134