Connection to Host:Other Encoder and Resolver Signal Conditioners Datasheets

Gemco™ -- Series 1746L
from Ametek Automation & Process Technologies

Monitors machine position and delivers absolute position data [See More]

  • Host Connection: Direct Backplane Interface; Allen Bradley
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System
  • Data Acquisition: Input/Output Module
  • Analog Channels: 2
DeviceNet Box Modules -- IP5109-B520|B528
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The IP5109 module is an interface for the direct connection of incremental encoders with differential inputs (RS485) or with single inputs. A 16 bit counter with a quadrature decoder and a 16 bit latch for the zero pulse can be read, set or enabled. The inputs can optionally be used as complementary... [See More]

  • Host Connection: DeviceNet
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Data Acquisition: Input/Output Module; Signal Isolator
  • Analog Channels: 1
3-Axis Encoder Interface Board -- Encoder 300
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

Inputs from incremental or quadrature encoders, 3 independent axes [See More]

  • Host Connection: TTL; CMOS
  • Form Factor: PC Board
  • Data Acquisition: Data Acquisition Card
  • Analog Channels: 3
Counter/Encoder/Frequency to CANBus -- CANSAS-INC4
from imc DataWorks, LLC

CANSAS represents a revolutionary concept, combining the best of decentralized and modular instrumentation design for the acquisition of physical measurement data. CANSAS finds a home in the test engineer's toolbox in a wide variety of applications. Owing to CANSAS' reconfigurability and modularity,... [See More]

  • Host Connection: CAN bus
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount; DIN Rail (optional feature); Stackable
  • Data Acquisition: Input Module; Filter; Instrumentation Amplifier; Sample-and-Hold Amplifier; Frequency Converters
  • Differential Channels: Yes