Burglary / Theft Audible Alarms Datasheets

Duotronic Horn/Siren -- 5520D Series
from UTC Fire & Security

Diode polarized for supervisory circuits. Weatherproofed by adding 349 back box. Switchable horn or siren operation. Easy Adaptaplate installation. Low current, high performance, high decibel signaling appliance designed to function as either a horn or siren by setting an internal, tamper proof... [See More]

  • Specialty Applications: Burglary; Fire; General Alarm & Signaling Applications
  • Supply Voltage: AC (optional feature); DC or Battery (optional feature)
  • Alarm Type: Siren; Electronic Horn
  • Operating Voltage: 24 to 120
Alarm; 12 VDC; 100 dB @ 100 cm; 2800 300 Hz; 18 mA (Max.); Continous -- 70115824 [BRP4016L-12-C from ICC Cable Solutions]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

2000 to 3000 Hz Oscillator Frequency, 20 °C Temperature, Piezo Electric Alarm. These INTERVOX devices were developed with circuits so they can easily be used by applying your D.C. voltage source. Their clear penetrating sound quality enables these buzzers to be used in applications such as fire... [See More]

  • Specialty Applications: Burglary; Smoke
  • Frequency: 2800
  • Sound Level: 95
  • Tone: Continuous
Siren/Alarm -- W-12C
from MynTahl Corporation

Portable alarm device, for personal using of anti-theft and anti-attack [See More]

  • Specialty Applications: Burglary
  • Sound Level: 100
  • Alarm Type: Siren
  • Tone: Continuous