Vehicle Safety Audible Alarms Datasheets

Flashing Strobe Light with Sounder -- DSF 5/DSF 10
from Pfannenberg Sales America, LLC

Sounder, nominal 105 - 110 dB(A) with Flashing Xenon Strobe Beacon, 13 Joules. Pfannenberg's visual and acoustic signaling devices satisfy numerous alarm, warning, and status indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area... [See More]

  • Specialty Applications: Fire; MachineFailure; Process Monitoring; Safety; Smoke; Vehicle
  • Sound Level: 105 to 110
  • Alarm Type: Siren; Bell; Whoop; Electrodynamic Horn Loudspeaker
  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
Multi-Voltage Back-Up Alarm -- RTA10100 52331
from Amerden, Inc.

IP 24 rating, intermittent audible alarm [See More]

  • Specialty Applications: Vehicle
  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Supply Voltage: DC or Battery