Whoop Sounder Audible Alarms Datasheets

Detcon Hazardous Duty Alarm Station Class 1, Division 1 Multitone -- AV1-C1D1M & AV2-C1D1M
from IST Group, a Scott Safety company

Model AV1-C1D1M & AV2-C1D1M audio visual alarm stations are designed for installation and use in heavy industrial environments including offshore applications where compliance with ABS standards are required. The alarm station consists of a a warning light (2 lights for AV2) and a siren. Warning... [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Siren; Whoop (optional feature); Wail, Yelp, Horn or Whoop
  • Sound Level: 95 to 99
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring (optional feature); Safety (optional feature); Smoke (optional feature)
  • Tone: Continuous (optional feature); Non-continuous (optional feature)
Blinking LED Light with Sounder -- IS-mC1
from Pfannenberg Inc.

Blinking LED Light with Sounder, Rated for Explosive Area Use. Pfannenberg's visual and acoustic signaling devices satisfy numerous alarm, warning, and status indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area evacuation due to... [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Siren; Bell; Whoop; Electrodynamic Horn Loudspeaker
  • Sound Level: 80 to 100
  • Specialty Applications: Fire; MachineFailure; Process Monitoring; Safety; Smoke; Explosive Area Use
  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
Alarm, Piezoelectric, 92 dBA to 103 dBA@ 2 Ft., Extra Loud Whoop, 5-15VDC -- 70053999 [TXO-86-515-S from Floyd Bell, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Revolutionary Miniature Piezo Alarms 103 dB @ 2 feet Floyd Bell's stylish new Turbo Series piezoelectric alarms are twice as loud and half the size of industry counterparts. Size is approx. 1" dia. × 1" high. Panel and PC mounting available. Frequency: 2900 ±250 Hz. Our new, included... [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Whoop
  • Frequency: 2900
  • Sound Level: 95
  • Tone: Non-continuous
Whoop Alarms -- CE-OU515BQ
from Challenge Electronics

The CE-OU515BQ whoop_alarms Alarm from Challenge Electronics delivers 100 (108 Max.) SPL with a 20 nominal current (70 max.). Resonant Freq. is 2100 ( ± 2Hz). ’B ’-style Housing. Termination is Two 0.25 Quick Disconnect Blades. [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Whoop
  • Frequency: 1900 to 2300
  • Sound Level: 100
  • Supply Voltage: DC or Battery
from Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc.

Board Mounting-Indicators (with Circuitry) [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Whoop
  • Frequency: 3800
  • Sound Level: 86 to 94
  • Supply Voltage: DC or Battery
Siren/Alarm -- W-01(02)L1
from MynTahl Corporation

Black or white case 5 wires [See More]

  • Alarm Type: Siren; Speakers; Whoop
  • Sound Level: 105
  • Specialty Applications: Safety
  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous