Volume Control Option Audible Alarms Datasheets

Flashing Strobe Light with Sounder -- BExCS/BExDCS 110-05D
from Pfannenberg Inc.

Sounder, nominal 110 dB(A) with Flashing Xenon Strobe Beacon, 5 Joules, Rated for Explosive Area Use. Pfannenberg's visual and acoustic signaling devices satisfy numerous alarm, warning, and status indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup,... [See More]

  • Features: Explosion Proof; Outdoor Rated; Synchronization; VolumeControl (IP 67 cast aluminum housing)
  • Specialty Applications: Fire; MachineFailure; Process Monitoring; Safety; Smoke; Shipboard, Marine, Explosive Area Use
  • Alarm Type: Siren; Bell; Whoop; Electrodynamic Horn Loudspeaker
  • Sound Level: 110
Chime Alarms -- CE-HM201AVQM
from Challenge Electronics

The CE-HM201AVQM chime_alarms Alarm from Challenge Electronics delivers 70 (93 Max.) SPL with a 5 nominal current (30 max.). Resonant Freq. is 2900 ( ± 2Hz). ’A V ’-style Housing. Termination is Two 0.25 Quick Disconnect Blades. [See More]

  • Features: VolumeControl
  • Sound Level: 70
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Frequency: 2650 to 3150
MEDC Series Speakers & Tone Generators -- DB12
from Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Optional body color, voltages 12V & 24V DC [See More]

  • Features: Outdoor Rated; VolumeControl
  • Specialty Applications: Messaging, Alert
  • Alarm Type: Speakers; Sounder
  • Sound Level: ? to 107