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H2O LiquidAir Commercial Dehumidification System
from Munters DH

It is possible to create pure, clean drinking water out of thin air!. The Munters H2O LiquidAir System is the most unique, energy efficient, environmentally safe and inexpensive water generating solution available. Not only does H2O LiquidAir capture moisture from outdoor air and turn it into pure... [See More]

  • Features: Integral Cooling; Modular; Purifies Excess Moisture
  • Air Capacity: 2000 to 6000
  • Removal Technique: Solid Rotor
  • Desiccant Reactivation: Electric
Dehumidifier -- CDS 100
from Dantherm Air Handling Inc.

These powerful dehumidifiers are ideal for improving any drying process [See More]

  • Features: Control Sensor; Process Air Filter; Variable Blower Orientation; Connected to a Thermostat
  • Air Capacity: 1647
  • Removal Technique: Air Cooled
  • Relative Humidity: 40 to 100