Rotor Concentrator Thermal Oxidizers and Catalytic Oxidizers Datasheets

Concentrator / Oxidizer
from Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Reducing the air volume being sent to an oxidizer can save companies a significant amount of money in operating and capital equipment costs. The Anguil Rotor Concentrator is designed to concentrate large volume, low concentration process exhaust into a much smaller, highly concentrated air stream. [See More]

  • Oxidation Technology: Catalytic (optional feature); Rotor Concentrator
  • Oxidizer Type: Catalytic (optional feature); Thermal (optional feature)
  • Applications: Absorbs & Destroys High Volume, Low Concentration Process Streams
  • Destruction Efficiency / Capability: 99%; 98%; 97%; 95%; <20mg/Nm3; <50mg/Nm3; Odor; Opacity
Multiple Zeolite Rotor System
from Munters DH

For large process exhaust flows, Munters manufactures concentrator equipment with zeolite rotors arranged in parallel. Single concentrator boxes can be shipped to treat exhaust streams as large as 100,000 cfm (160,000 m3/hr). The concentrated air from each rotor is combined into one stream and sent... [See More]

  • Oxidation Technology: Catalytic; Rotor Concentrator
  • Oxidizer Type: Catalytic
  • Applications: VOC Abatement
  • Airflow: 100000