Portable Air Scrubbers, Wet Scrubbers, and Gas Scrubbers Datasheets

AireGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-114 Portable Air Scrubber
from NuAire, Inc.

The AireGard ES 114 Air Scrubber provides ISO Class 7 or Class 8 air in a Clinical or Medical setting where occupants' infection status is a concern, construction, or bio-terrorism to capture and contain microbes. [See More]

  • Scrubber Type: Portable
  • Applications: Construction, Renovation, Medical or Clinical Settings
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Efficiency: 99.99
HCI Scrubber Module
from Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

The Anguil Acid Gas Scrubber neutralizes inorganic acids that exist in a process exhaust stream or are created during the oxidation of air pollutants. The module can effectively scrub a variety of acids including Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Hydrogen Bromide (HBr), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) and Sulfur... [See More]

  • Scrubber Type: Skid / Base Plate Mounted; Portable (optional feature)
  • Applications: General Cleaning; Toxic Media; Neutralizes HCL
  • Orientation: Horizontal (optional feature); Vertical
  • Filter Type: Spray Scrubber; Packed Bed / Column
MicroKlean Rotary Brush Vacuum -- RB-1 X
from SDI

Cleaning system utilizing a rotary brush and vacuum combination. Base model runs on compressed air, and vacuum. No power required. [See More]

  • Scrubber Type: Portable
  • Applications: General Cleaning; Preclean for Tacky Roll Cleaners
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Features: Cleanroom (optional feature); Continuous
MS Miniscrubber -- MS-II
from Verantis

Available in 7 standard sizes from 500 to 7,000 CFM. Greater than 90-95% removal for soluble/reactive gases. Completely preassembled including a control panel and automation. Includes a top-mounted exhaust fan. Fabricated of lightweight, corrosion-resistant polypropylene. Special gas sparger... [See More]

  • Scrubber Type: Skid / Base Plate Mounted; Portable
  • Applications: Toxic Media
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Filter Type: Packed Bed / Column; Gas Sparger Design