Misumi USA

MISUMI USA, Inc. was established as a subsidiary of MISUMI Corp. in 1988. MISUMI Corp., founded in 1963, has been a powerful behind-the-scenes presence supporting the machine industry through its original catalog sales in Japan and other countries all over the world. Our mission is to provide highly... [See More]

  • Operations: Broaching; Casting; Shaving; Grinding; Heat Treat; Hobbing; Lapping / Honing; Finishing
  • Gears: Bevel/Miter; Helical; Racks; Spur; Worm
  • Company Information: MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of configurable and fixed components for the Factory Automation, Press Die and Plastic Mold Industries. Currently serving thousands of customers worldwide, our products are used in a diverse range of industries.
  • Other Products: V-Belt Drives; Clutches; Gearboxes; Timing Pulleys; Rollers; Splines; Sprockets
Master Metal Engineering (MME)
from Master Metal Engineering (MME)

Master Metal Engineering is a group of manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment including CNC lathes, Citizen Swiss screw machines and CNC machining centers. At our facilities, we manufacture many different types of machined parts for the Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and Heavy... [See More]

  • Operations: Broaching; Shaving; Heat Treat; Hobbing; Lapping / Honing
  • Certifications: ISO 9001
  • Company Information: Master Metal Engineering is a custom contract manufacturer of precision components and assemblies offering complete part production services to medical, aerospace, food processing and precision instrument customers worldwide.
  • Gears: Bevel/Miter; Blanks; Helical; Internal; Planetary; Racks; Spur; Worm
Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc.
from Oerlikon Fairfield

Located in Lafayette, IN [See More]

  • Operations: Broaching; Shaving; Grinding; Heat Treat; Hobbing; Lapping / Honing; Finishing
  • Certifications: QS-9000; ISO 9001; ABS; TS 16949
  • Company Information: Fairfield has the broadest range of capabilities offered in the industry, coupled with an advanced approach to engineering, and the right custom gear or custom assembly for your application - with well over 1,000 machine tools at their fingertips!
  • Gears: Bevel/Miter; Change; Cluster; Differential; Helical; Herringbone; Hypoid; Internal; Planetary; Racks; Spur