Gear Drives / Differentials Adjustable Speed Drives Datasheets

A 2Z 1-2RR08
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

1 TO 1 Right Angle Drives with Shaft Extending from Top / Left [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Shaft Orientation: RightAngle
  • Output Torque: 3
  • Input Shaft: 0.2500
Mechanical Transmissions -- Single Speed Transfer Cases
from Durst

Features. Cast Iron and Aluminum Housings. Optional Shifting (pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical). Optional Disconnects. Optional Differentials. Lube systems available. Optional Inputs (mechanical, hydraulics). Yokes & Flanges (optional). Gearing (helical, spur). Tapered Roller Bearings (ball... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials (optional feature); Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Output Torque: 1500 to 132000
  • Speed Variation: 1.0 to 24.0
  • Mounting: Flange; Yokes
Concentric/Helical MGS Mechanical Variable Speed Drives -- "C" Series
from Stober Drives, Inc.

STOBER can offer a wider variety of sizes, ratios, and mounting positions than ever before by utilizing MGS Reducers and ComTrac Adjustable Speed Drives. These versatile gear drives offer you performance, durability, and economy for a wide range of variable speed applications. High efficiency... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Shaft Speed: 8 to 1139
  • Speed Variation: 5.0 to 7.0
  • Output Torque: ? to 59782
Mechanical Adjustable Speed Drive -- Beier Cyclo Variator
from Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

Beier ® Cyclo ® Variator is an ultra-compact combination of a Beier Variator and a Cyclo Reducer results in a Beier Cyclo Variator that provides not only an adjustable speed range, but extremely low output speeds as well. Both units have proven performance in severe working environments, and... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Traction Drives; Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Shaft Speed: 0.9100 to 1085
  • Speed Variation: 3.3 to 10.0
  • Motor Power: 0.5000 to 200
Geared Variable-Speed Coupling -- R..A
from Voith Turbo Inc.

Step-down gear for low-speed driven machines. The coupling is fitted with a helical reduction gear on the output side. By adding a hydrodynamic brake (optional) with a appropriate braking torque characteristic, the heavy masses of the driven machine can be rapidly decelerated. Benefits: Robust... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Output Shaft Position: Horizontal
  • Shaft Orientation: Offset Parallel
  • Mounting: Base
DAF Series -- 1000 AS Series
from Witco Inc.

Low contour housing with concentric input and output shafts [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Shaft Speed: 100 to 11516
  • Speed Variation: 1.0 to 6.4
  • Motor Power: 30

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