Steel - Stainless Brazing and Soldering Services Datasheets

from PA&E

PA &E offers vacuum brazing processes to join dissimilar materials such as titanium, alumina, Zirconia, and more. Bonding Solutions for Electronic Packaging. Our experienced staff of material scientists and process engineers can meet the highest demands for quality — through finite control... [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Ceramics / Ceramic-to-Metal; Copper; Steel - Stainless; Titanium; Dissimilar Materials?; Titanium; Zirconia
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: AS9100; ISO 9001:2000; MIL-SPEC; NADCAP; RoHS
  • Company Information: PA&E offers vacuum brazing processes to join dissimilar materials such as Titanium, Alumina, Zirconia, and more.
  • Services: Brazing; Soldering; Vacuum Brazing; Braze-Welding
Ellison Group
from Ellison Group

Located in Phoenix, Arizona [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Copper; Nickel; Precious Metal (Gold, Silver); Steel - Stainless; Steel - Structural; Steel - Tool; Titanium
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: AS9100; NADCAP
  • Company Information: Ellison Surface Technologies is a leading developer and applicator of advanced coatings and special processes.
  • Services: Brazing
Heraeus Medical Components Division
from Heraeus Medical Components Division

Manufacturing in Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and USA (Minnesota) [See More]

  • Materials: Steel - Stainless; Titanium
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Information: Heraeus MCD offers prototype and production laser cutting, welding and ablation. Their systems include: Plasma, YAG lasers to machine and weld metals, CO2 lasers to machine and weld metals, and TEA laser to ablate and cut holes in plastics.
  • Services: Soldering
Leonhardt Manufacturing
from Leonhardt Manufacturing

Welding & Brazing Services. TIG. MIG. Spot. Robotic MIG. Brazing [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Carbon (Graphite, Diamond, etc.); Cast Iron; Copper; Nickel; Steel - Stainless; Steel - Structural; Steel - Tool
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: ISO 9001:2008
  • Company Information: Leonhardt offers a full range of tubing fabrication capabilities, as well as services including sub assemblies, welding and brazing, metal finishing, metal stampings, prototyping, and supply chain management.
  • Services: Brazing; Soldering; Braze-Welding
Peridot Corporation
from Peridot Corporation

Peridot has considerable expertise in micro brazing, resistance welding and soldering of delicate miniature metal components. Marrying dissimilar metals is one of our specialties. Our in house jig and fixture department assures that your project is not back-burnered waiting for an outside machine... [See More]

  • Materials: Copper; Nickel; Precious Metal (Gold, Silver); Steel - Stainless; Steel - Tool; Titanium; Dissimilar Materials?
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: ISO 9001:2000; MIL-SPEC; RoHS; ISO 13485
  • Company Information: Peridot Corp. is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 registered precision mfg. company located in Silicon Valley. Featuring advanced component fabrication coupled with our multi-disciplinary Contract Mfg., Peridot will simplify your supply chain.
  • Services: Brazing; Soldering; Laser Welding; Braze-Welding