Solar Atmospheres, Inc.
from Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

Vacuum brazing services consist of metal joining processes used to permanently join metal parts. The vacuum brazing services process involves the use of a filler metal that is melted under vacuum and drawn in to the joint by capillary action. The base metal does not melt during the vacuum brazing... [See More]

  • Specialty / Other Capabilities: Fluxless; Vacuum
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Registered; NADCAP Accredited
  • Company Information: Solar Atmospheres - Quality Vacuum Heat Treating, Brazing, Carburizing, and Nitriding. A commercial heat treating company providing unsurpassed quality and capacity for the vacuum heat treating and brazing of metal parts.
  • Services: Brazing
Heraeus Medical Components Division
from Heraeus Medical Components Division

Manufacturing in Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and USA (Minnesota) [See More]

  • Specialty / Other Capabilities: Fluxless; Protective Atmosphere
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Information: Heraeus MCD offers prototype and production laser cutting, welding and ablation. Their systems include: Plasma, YAG lasers to machine and weld metals, CO2 lasers to machine and weld metals, and TEA laser to ablate and cut holes in plastics.
  • Services: Soldering
Rayotek Scientific, Inc.
from Rayotek Scientific, Inc.

Corporate office in California with branches in Lithuania and China [See More]

  • Specialty / Other Capabilities: Fluxless; Hermetic Sealing
  • Certification / Quality Requirements: AS9003
  • Company Information: Rayotek has developed proprietary processes for sapphire and glass assembly through bonding, brazing, hermetic sealing and soldering. They utilize reducing and vacuum atmospheres for glass and sapphire brazing and soldering.
  • Services: Brazing; Soldering; Braze-Welding