Analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA) Tension Meters Datasheets

Tension Electronics -- PFEA 111, 112, 113
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

Tension Electronics - bringing something new to web tension. Covering a wide range of applications the Tension Electronics comes in three versions, with different levels of performance and functionality. All three versions have multi-language digital display and configuration keys. The configuration... [See More]

  • Output: Analog voltage signal; Analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA)
  • Application: Hand-held or Portable
  • Meter Style: Cable or Fiber
  • Local Interface: Digital Front Panel
Web Tension Sensor -- PT1MA-10
from Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.

Compact size, OEM applications, varies tension [See More]

  • Output: Analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA)
  • Tension Range: ? to 0.7500
  • Meter Style: Cable or Fiber; Web or Sheet
  • Accuracy: 0.1800
ACX-Digital Tension Meter -- ACX-100
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

The ACX series digital tension meter is a hand-held devicefor measuring tension in aircraft cables of various sizes and specifications. The tension scale is adjustable for measuring in Lbs, Kg or Newtons, in ranges from 20-500 Lbs. The large, easy-to-read backlit display shows Tension, Battery... [See More]

  • Output: Analog voltage signal (optional feature); Analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA) (optional feature)
  • Tension Range: 5 to 100
  • Meter Style: Cable or Fiber
  • Accuracy: 2