Collection Booths Dust Collectors Datasheets

Gold Series® Booth -- GSB12-3
from Camfil APC

The Manufacturing Friendly Dust Collection Solution. The Gold Series Booth (GSB) provides excellent cross draft ventilation, keeping dust out of the breathing areas. It can be easily installed by your plant personnel. Workers can perform their jobs unimpeded; no walls, no fume arms, no dust... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths
  • Airflow: 16200
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Filter Type: Cartridge-type units
Clean Room Dust Containment Cabinets -- CAP1522
from Clean Air Products

The Series 1522 Clean Room inflow dust containment cabinet comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Some of the features depend on the style of unit you choose. The standard Series 1522 Clean Room Dust Containment Cabinet units are constructed of painted steel. This finish is designed to be... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths
Cabinet Dust Collector -- 54
from Donaldson Torit – Donaldson Company, Inc.

The Donaldson Torit Cabinet dust collectors provide reliable and economical solutions to in-plant dust and smoke control problems. Its efficient, compact design covers a wide range of bag collector applications. Replacing dust collector bags has never been easier with the new, one piece EZ filter... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths; Source Collector
  • Airflow: 171 to 284
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99.9
Dustron DB Series Ultra-Efficiency Cartridge Dust Collector Booth -- DB-10-16-7.5
from Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants

The Filter 1 Advantage. The first dust booth to implement the innovative regain of air principle, the Filter 1 Dustron increases worker comfort and visibility in the critical work areas. Capitalizing on the multiplied ventilation effect of "pushing" clean air out across the front of the booth as the... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths
  • Filter Type: Cartridge-type units
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Filter Cleaning: Automatic
Enviro-Cell EWC Vertical Cartridge Work Booth
from ProVent LLC

ENVIRO-CELL Vertical Cartridge Work Booths are work spaces designed to isolate and capture contaminants where welding, grinding, sanding, and mixing operations are conducted. Fugitive dust, smoke and fumes are removed from the open production area and contained within the booth. The Enviro- Cell... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths
  • Filter Type: Cartridge-type units
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Applications: FinePowders; Metalworking Chips / Fluid; Welding Fumes
SPJ-BV Series Bin Vent Collector -- SPJ-12-X4B6BV
from Scientific Dust Collectors

Scientific Dust Collectors' Supersonic Pulse Jet Bin Vent (SPJ-BV) Collector is designed specifically for storage tanks, silos, work bins, and material receivers. It employs the patented supersonic nozzle cleaning system which allows the collector to operate at higher air-to-cloth ratios, lower... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths (optional feature); Source Collector (optional feature); Stationary Unit (optional feature)
  • Airflow: 100 to 100000
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99
MCB Cross Ventilation Dust Collector -- MCB Series
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The MCB Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove fine airborne dusts while providing workers space for unrestricted movement to perform industrial processes. Available as 3 ′, 6 ′ or 9 ′ modules, the MCB cartridge collector can be used alone or in combination with a... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Ambient Units; Collection Booths (optional feature); Stationary Unit
  • Airflow: 4500 to 40500
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99.9

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