Collector Model:Other Dust Collectors Datasheets

Dump Station
from N.R. Murphy Ltd.

The dump station/dust collector is designed to provide maximum dust control for bag or drum dumping. This unit is completely self-contained with no external ducting required, yet flexible enough to suit all applications. Several cleaning methods are available, the most popular being continuous... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Dump Station
  • Features: Continuous
BDC Compact Media Dust Collector -- BDC Series
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance. [See More]

  • Collector Type: Source Collector; Stationary Unit; Small Baghoue
  • Airflow: 100 to 6500
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99.9