Digital Meter Ground Bond Testers Datasheets

HYAMP® III 30A Ground Bond Tester -- 3130
from Associated Research, Inc.

The 3130 is a manual Ground Bond tester that features an enhanced graphic LCD. It provides 30 Amps of Ground Bond test current. The 3130 can be used stand alone or interconnected to the Hypot ® III family of Hipot testers to form a complete test system. It can also be controlled through enhanced... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Voltage Out: 6
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • AC Current Out: 1 to 30
Ground and Insulation Tester -- Sterling 2088
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Ground resistance and resistivity measurement. Clamp-on ground resistance test. Three or four probes ground resistance and resistivity test. Insulation testing up to 29.9 GOhm with test voltage 50 to 1000V. True RMS AC current measurement 0.1 to 200A (0.1mA resolution). Continuity test. Varistor... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; RS232
  • Resistance Range: 0.0 to 1999
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 600
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104
IS Tester Testing Equipment -- VESF63 Ex
from Newson Gale Inc.

The IS Tester is an ATEX certified intrinsically safe ohm-meter that can be used in hazardous areas to measure the electrical continuity of Cen-Stat clamp / cable connections to ground points and also be used for identifying potentially isolated process equipment that may require a dedicated... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; LEDIndicator
  • Resistance Range: 1.00E-5 to 2000
30 Amp Ground Bond Tester -- Model 2630
from Slaughter Company

Featuring 30 Amps of Ground Bond test current, the 2630 is designed for stand alone Ground Bond test applications or as a companion instrument to our Hipot testers. It has the capability to interconnect with all of our Hipot testers for same station Electrical Safety testing application. Equipped... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 6
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • AC Current Out: 3 to 30
Amprobe® Current Tester -- CT-326B
from Amprobe Test Tools

Traces live wires buried underground, hidden behind walls up to 13ft. deep [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • Frequency Response: 1
  • Input Voltage: 9V Battery
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 120
Electrical Safety Analyzer -- 19032
from Chroma ATE, Inc.

Programmable auto safety tester, up to 10A line input current capacity [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; GPIB; RS232; PrinterPort; ScannerPort
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0500 to 5000
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • AC Current Out: 0.0 to 0.0400
Ground Bond Tester -- Guardian 1050 [Guardian 1050 from Chroma Systems Solutions]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

Guardian 1050 [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; LEDIndicator; LCD; GPIB (optional feature); RS232 (optional feature); PrinterPort (optional feature); Remote I/O
  • AC Current Out: 3 to 45
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC; 100V AC
  • Resistance Range: 1.00E-7 to 5.10E-4
EL Digital ELCB Tester -- 2820EL
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The testers may be used to check the trip point (Test 1) of the ELCB or the trip time (Test 2). Test 1 is normally used on instantaneous ELCB s while Test 2 is normally used on inverse and fixed time-delay ELCBs. The operating voltage 100-450V L-E. Rated current 999mA, at 317V AC/50Hz, Checks ELCB... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 30
  • Input Voltage: AA Battery
  • AC Current Out: 0.0 to 0.0020
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The TOS6200 tester is designed to perform the ground bond tests required for class-I devices by safety standards such as IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS, and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Low (Japan). Equipped with a new high-efficiency power supply, it is compact and lightweight, about... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; LEDIndicator; GPIB; RS232
  • AC Current Out: 3 to 33
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • Resistance Range: 1.00E-6 to 0.0012
7161032 [450A922 from IXYS Integrated Circuits Division]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Type:Insulation, Earth/Ground Bond and Flash Tester; Maximum Test Voltage:1000V dc; Minimum Test Voltage:250V dc; Test Voltage Ranges:3; Display Type:Digital; Maximum Insulation Resistance Measurement:1GOhms; Safety:EN 50191 [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • Resistance Range: 1.00E6
Rigel -- 277
from Seaward Group USA

The Rigel 277 Plus is a portable medical electrical safety analyzer for medical device testing, combining IEC/EN 60601-1 compliance with additional test facilities for IEC/EN 61010 (Laboratory Equipment) including Touch Leakage, Voltage Measurement and dedicated IEC 61010 Measuring Device (Body... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; RS232; PrinterPort; Print Out
  • AC Voltage Out: ? to 6
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • AC Current Out: 0.1000 to 25
Instrument For Grounding Circuit Measurements -- LET-500-VPC
from SMC International

The set contains two distinct functions, the current injection and the voltage measurement. In the injection of current, a variable autotransformer of current regulation is connected to a current producer transformer with various ranges of output. The current produced is measured with a shunt system... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 1000
  • Input Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC
  • AC Current Out: 0.0 to 50