Downdraft Tables Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors Datasheets

Mystaire® Downflow Latent Print Dusting Station
from Mystaire, Inc.

Mystaire Misonix Latent Print Dusting Workstations are designed as stand alone, ductless units that protect workers from powders or fumes. The workstation's open design allows for close inspection of samples while maintaining a high level of operator protection. Particles or fumes are drawn downward... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Collection Booths; Downdraft Tables
  • Applications: FinePowders
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
Downdraft Table -- DD 2'x4'
from Diversi-Tech, Inc.

The model DD 2x4 is a portable 120 volt, single phase unit equipped with a manually activated reverse pulse self cleaning system. The 2x4 offers a 2.7'x4' work surface with integrated overhang along with a steel grating, 225 ft. sq. filter, and motor starter. [See More]

  • Collector Type: Downdraft Tables
  • Applications: Metalworking Chips / Fluid; Welding Fumes; Grinding, Sanding, Deburring, Cutting
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
  • Filter Cleaning: Reverse Air
Benchtron BFP Series Lean Cell Bench for Collection of Fine Dust & Smoke -- BFPS-4-2-2-2
from Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants

Streamlined for Efficiency. In addition to the cartridge dust collector "Super Bench," the Benchtron Series also includes a panel filter downdraft bench that is designed specifically for industrial processes generating fine dust and smoke. The Benchtron BFP is a compact downdraft / backdraft table... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Downdraft Tables
  • Applications: General Cleaning; Metalworking Chips / Fluid
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
  • Filter Type: ModularMedia
2' Protector Downdraft Powder Station -- 3410000
from Labconco Corporation

2' Protector Downdraft Powder Station features an open sides and top design; Type 304 stainless steel work surface with Flow-Zone perforations; epoxy-coated steel housing and shelf; removable powder catch pan; built-in blower with motorized, backward curved fan; fan switch; red, filter system alarm... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Downdraft Tables
  • Applications: General Cleaning
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
  • Filter Type: HEAP Filter
V Downdraft Bench Dust Collector -- Model VB
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The V Series dust collector eliminates dust, smoke and powders from a variety of manufacturing operations. Available in three configurations, these cartridge collectors serve as a portable source capture system (VP), a downdraft bench (VB) or fixed unit ducted directly to a machine (VF). The V... [See More]

  • Collector Type: Downdraft Tables; Source Collector
  • Applications: Abrasives; FinePowders; General Cleaning; Welding Fumes
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
  • Filter Type: Cartridge-type units