Pulp and Paper Toll Processing Services Datasheets

Lamart Corporation
from Lamart Corporation

Who We Are: Family Owned Since 1956. Located in Clifton, NJ. Three Production Buildings. Multiple Coating Technologies. ISO 9001-2008. Analytical Testing Lab. 115 Employees. Separate Warehousing Facility. What We Do: Lamart Corp has spent over fifty years specializing in the lamination and coating... [See More]

  • Materials Processed: Ceramics; Metals / Elements; Ferrous / Iron Based; Non-ferrous; Aluminum; Nickel / Nickel Alloy; Stainless; Tin; Titanium; Plastics; Pulp & Paper; Textiles
  • Services Offered: Process Optimization; Research and Development; Training / Consulting
  • Company Information: Lamart is a wide web, custom coater and laminator of flexible substrates, such as films, scrims, foils, foams, fabrics, etc. Founded in 1956 to design and manufacture laminated rolled goods, we still pride ourselves in offering unique products for the most challenging projects. We also collaborate on product and process development using customer supplied materials and use our extensive knowledge of substrates, adhesives and coatings to design products to meet customers’ specific needs.
  • Form: Webs / Continuous Stock
MIRWEC Coating, Inc.
from MIRWEC Coating, Inc.

MIRWEC Coating offers a wide array of characterization equipment for testing and analyzing chemicals, compounds, substrates, and coated materials. Use of the characterization equipment is included with all scheduled testing at no additional cost. We also offer our knowledge, expertise, and decades... [See More]

  • Materials Processed: Abrasives; Adhesives / Sealants; Carbon / Graphite; Ceramics; Coatings / Paint; Elastomers / Rubber; Foods / Beverages; Glass; Metals / Elements; Ferrous / Iron Based; Non-ferrous; Aluminum; Cobalt; Cu / Cu Alloy; Nickel / Nickel Alloy; PreciousNoble; Reactive / Refractory; Stainless; Tin; Titanium; Minerals; Plastics; Pulp & Paper; Wafers / Semiconductor Materials; Textiles
  • Services Offered: Process Optimization; Research and Development; Training / Consulting; Trial Facility Leasing
  • Company Information: MIRWEC Coating serves a broad customer base with a wide variety of needs, focusing on extremely thin and extremely uniform roll-to-roll coating. Our coating technology and service is unparalleled.
  • Form: Liquids; Powders; Nanomaterials; Webs / Continuous Stock