Metal Improvement Company, Inc.
from Metal Improvement Company

Facilities in Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania [See More]

  • Equipment Capability: Protective Atmosphere; Flame or Torch; Furnace; Induction; Presses or Hot Presses; Salt Bath; Vacuum
  • Certifications / Standards: AS 9100; ISO 9001:2000; QS 9000; MIL-SPEC Certified; OEM Specific; NADCAP; CQI-9
  • Company Information: Metal Improvement Company specializes in thermal processing of metal components. They have the expertise and equipment to process materials such as aluminum, cast irons, titanium, tool steels, carbon steels, corrosion resistant steels and alloy steels.
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Austempering; Case Hardening; Carburizing; Carbonitriding; Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper); Cryogenic; Homogenizing; Martempering; Normalizing; Precipitation Hardening or Aging; Shot Peening; Spherodize; Solution Treating; Stress Relieving; Gas Nitriding-Ferritic Nitro Carburizing