Interplex Industries, Inc.
from Interplex Industries, Inc.

Interplex offers two styles of heat treating capabilities. The first is a conveyorized steel heat treat process that includes a fully automated feed machine with an in-line heat furnace, austemper furnace, and clean-out machine. The other is an atmospherically controlled Beryllium copper heat... [See More]

  • Services: Development Assistance; Finishing or Coating; Grinding or Machining; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Packaging; Straightening; Trucking or Shipping
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Austempering; Stress Relieving
  • Company Information: Interplex Industries offers one of the most comprehensive set of precision metal, plastic and assembly solutions to a variety of industries, providing turnkey design and manufacturing services to customers around the world.
  • Equipment Capability: Protective Atmosphere; Vacuum
TEAM Industrial Services, Inc.
from TEAM Industrial Services

Heat treating can be precisely applied to components ranging from small, complex fittings to massive pressure vessels. Experienced Team Industrial Services technicians manage the heat treating flow and temperature requirements onto your hardware and equipment with pinpoint precision. [See More]

  • Services: Grinding or Machining; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Straightening; Hardness Testing
  • Certifications / Standards: AS 9100; ISO; ISO 9001:2000; QS 9000; MIL-SPEC Certified; OEM Specific; ISO 14001
  • Company Information: Services: Wireless; Welding Preheats; Refractory Dry; Post Weld Heat; Furnaces; Line Thaw; Coating Cure; Process Heat Up; Turbine Warm Induction Heat; Decontamination; Mobile Rigs; High-Voltage; Combustion; Sales/Rentals; Calibration and Service
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Case Hardening; Hydrogen Relief Baking; Preheating / Weld Preheat; Stress Relieving; Weld Preheat and Post Weld Heat Treat
Corbitt Manufacturing Company
from Corbitt Manufacturing Company

CORBITT can provide additional services to support its primary Aluminum Casting and Machining business. These processes and services are considered to be captive and are not generally offered on a standalone basis. These services include: Engineering. Heat Treating. Progressive Stamping. Punching. [See More]

  • Services: Finishing or Coating; Grinding or Machining; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Packaging; Straightening; Bead Blast
  • Certifications / Standards: ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Information: Corbitt offers heat treating services of aluminum and heat treating of steel at two other ARI facilities in Longview, Texas and Jackson, Missouri.
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Shot Peening; Solution Treating; Stress Relieving
Metal Improvement Company, Inc.
from Metal Improvement Company

Facilities in Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania [See More]

  • Services: Development Assistance; Finishing or Coating; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Packaging; Straightening; Trucking or Shipping
  • Certifications / Standards: AS 9100; ISO 9001:2000; QS 9000; MIL-SPEC Certified; OEM Specific; NADCAP; CQI-9
  • Company Information: Metal Improvement Company specializes in thermal processing of metal components. They have the expertise and equipment to process materials such as aluminum, cast irons, titanium, tool steels, carbon steels, corrosion resistant steels and alloy steels.
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Austempering; Case Hardening; Carburizing; Carbonitriding; Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper); Cryogenic; Homogenizing; Martempering; Normalizing; Precipitation Hardening or Aging; Shot Peening; Spherodize; Solution Treating; Stress Relieving; Gas Nitriding-Ferritic Nitro Carburizing
Profiles, Inc.
from Profiles, Inc.

The controlled heating and cooling of metal to change its physical and mechanical properties without affecting its overall shape. Heat treating can be done to either increase the metal's strength or to improve its manufacturability. We have 2 heat treat lines capable of hardening shapes up to .425"... [See More]

  • Services: Development Assistance; Laboratory Testing & Inspection; Packaging; Straightening
  • Certifications / Standards: ISO 9001:2000; OEM Specific
  • Company Information: Profiles, Inc. manufactures custom components to net or near-net, using cold forming & other processes. Their systems are a cost-effective alternative to traditional machining & EDM.They specialize in components requiring tolerances as close as +/-.0002½.
  • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing; Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper); Shot Peening; Stress Relieving