Flexible Conduit Leads Thermocouple Temperature Probes Datasheets

Heavy Duty Fabricated Thermocouple
from Clark Solutions

This range of type K mineral insulated stainless steel probes are suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications, measuring temperature up to 1100 °C. Each probe is supplied compete with M8 x 1 pot seal and 100mm insulated tails. These probes can be bent without adversely affecting... [See More]

  • Sensor Termination Type: Bare or Insulated Lead Wires (optional feature); Metal Braided Leads (optional feature); Armor Leads (optional feature); Flexible Conduit Leads (optional feature); Terminal Block (optional feature); Conduit Connector (optional feature); Screw Tabs or Lugs (optional feature); Integral Connection Head (Thermohead) (optional feature); Plug or Quick Connect (optional feature); Other Connection Type (optional feature)
  • Base, Noble and Refractory Metal Type: E (optional feature); J (optional feature); K (optional feature); N (optional feature); T (optional feature); B (optional feature); S (optional feature); R (optional feature); W (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Grounded Thermocouple (optional feature); Ungrounded Thermocouple (optional feature); Exposed Thermocouple (optional feature)
  • Element Configuration: Single Element (optional feature); Double Element (optional feature); More Than Two Elements (optional feature)
TC probe -- WD-93630-10
from OAKTON Instruments

TC probe, flexible wire, J exposed 0.040" dia [See More]

  • Sensor Termination Type: Flexible Conduit Leads
  • Base, Noble and Refractory Metal Type: J
  • Configuration: Exposed Thermocouple
  • Probe Configuration: Flexible Probe