Copper Thin Film Materials Datasheets

Interconnect Ribbon for Renewable Energy, Solar PV Modules
from Hitachi Metals America, LLC

Contributing to high conversion efficiency, productivity, and reliability -Our interconnect ribbon generates high conversion efficiency, productivity, and long operating life of photovoltaic module. Our material is well known for its superior effectiveness to prevent micro cracks and warps of thin... [See More]

  • Material: Copper
  • Applications: Photovoltaic or solar cell
  • Type: Sputtering Target
Sputtering Target AK510 suitable fo Balzers Sputtering Systems -- 0483540
from Umicore Materials

Sputtering Targets for Semiconductors Applications. Semiconductors and electronics play a major role in our world. Just about everything from consumer goods, transportation, housing and manufacturing infrastructure, to large area information systems in based on such technologies. Umicore Thin Film... [See More]

  • Material: Copper
  • Applications: Semiconductors
  • Type: Sputtering Target; Planar; Monolithic Target or Monoblock
  • Purity: 100