Lead Wires Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters Datasheets

600T Series Isolator, Single Channel -- 631T-0100
from Acromag, Inc.

bull; 4 to 20mA DC input. • 4 to 20mA DC output. • 15-36V DC SELV, 90-250V AC power. • Single or dual I/O with a dual output model and full isolation. These units receive 4-20mA process current inputs and provide isolated 4-20mA output signals. Each channel operates independently and... [See More]

  • Connection: Terminal Block; Lead Wires; Screw Clamps or Lugs
  • Other Input: Accepts Generic Analog Current Inputs
  • Thermocouple: T
  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail Mounting
Configurable 2-Wire Temperature Transmitter, DIN Mount -- DSCP20
from Dataforth Corporation

Each DSCP20 2-wire transmitter is designed for measuring temperature using thermocouples or RTDs. The input type, measurement range, and other features are software configurable. A PC, the DSCX-887 and DSCX-416 interface cables, and the DSCX-895 configuration software are required to configure the... [See More]

  • Connection: Lead Wires
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 3308
  • Thermocouple: E; J; K; N; T; B; S; R
  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail Mounting
Smart/Programmable Linearized Transmit. -- TX60 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The TX62, TX63, TX64, TX65 programmable transmitters provide an isolated 4 to 20 mA signal linearized to temperature or process input. The TX62 & TX63 smart transmitters provide the same functions as the TX64 & TX65 with the additional feature of smart communications. Smart communications... [See More]

  • Connection: Lead Wires
  • Mounting Options: Cabinet (Enclosure) or Board Mounting
  • Thermocouple: K
  • Output: Analog Current (Typical 4-20 mA)
"Smart" In Head Univ. Input Transmitter -- SEM210
from Status Instruments, Inc.

The SEM210 is a second generation ‘Smart ’ in head temperature transmitter that accepts any commonly used temperature sensor, Slidewire transducer or Millivolt signal and converts the output to the industry standard 4-20 mA transmission signal. The sensor type and range are easily... [See More]

  • Connection: Lead Wires
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 3200
  • Thermocouple: E; J; K; N; T; S; R
  • Mounting Options: Thermohead or Thermowell Mounting (e.g. "Hockey puck" Style)
Pre-Calibrated Inline Transmitter -- t/c.XMTR
from Exergen Corp.

The t/c.XMTR is specifically designed to interface any model IRt/c by a simple thermocouple connector or splice. The two wire current loop can be used in any conventional 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V circuit that is scaled for the temperature range of interest. For OEMs, IRt/c sensors and t/c.XMTR can be... [See More]

  • Connection: Lead Wires
  • Other Input: Accepts Generic Analog Voltage Inputs
  • Thermocouple: J; K
  • Sensed Temperature: 32 to 150

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