Plug / Quick-Connect Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters Datasheets

Wireless Thermocouple/RTD Transmitter -- UWTC-2-NEMA
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Each NEMA rated unit can be programmed in the field to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C or N wireless thermocouple transmitter or a wireless RTD transmitter. When connected to a sensor and activated the unit will transmit readings continuously at pre-set time interval that was programmed by the... [See More]

  • Connection: Plug or Quick Connect
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 4199
  • Thermocouple: E; J; K; N; T; B; S; R
  • Mounting Options: Cabinet (Enclosure) or Board Mounting
Temperature Fieldbus Transmitters -- SITRANS TF
from Siemens Process Instrumentation

Overview The user-friendly transmitters for the control room. The SITRANS TW universal transmitter is a further development of the service-proven SITRANS T for the 4-wire system in a mounting rail housing. With numerous new functions it sets new standards for temperature transmitters. With its... [See More]

  • Connection: Plug or Quick Connect
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 1562
  • Thermocouple: E; J; K; N; T; B; S; R
  • Mounting Options: Directly on Sensor
Isolating Thermocouple Transmitter -- SEM1500/TC
from Status Instruments, Inc.

The SEM1500/TC is a universal thermocouple input DIN rail. mounted transmitter designed to accept most common thermocouple. types and to isolate and convert them to the industry. standard 4-20 mA transmission signal. Automatic cold. junction compensation is provided. The unit can also accept. [See More]

  • Connection: Lead Wires; Plug or Quick Connect
  • Sensed Temperature: 32 to 2912
  • Thermocouple: J; K; N; T; S; R
  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail Mounting
STT250 Series Smart Temperature Transmitter -- STT25T-E
from Honeywell Process Solutions

STT250 can be supplied complete with thermocouple or RTD sensors and with any of a wide range of thermowells. The sensors are of Mineral Insulated (MI) construction with lengths of up to two meters available. For the direct head mount installation the sensor is supplied with a mounting plate for... [See More]

  • Connection: Plug or Quick Connect
  • Other Input: Accepts Generic Resistance Inputs
  • Thermocouple: E
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 1832
Pressure / Temperature Transmitter -- PT 170 Series
from Stellar Technology, Inc.

The Series PT170 is a small, accurate, combination pressuretemperature. transducer for measuring dynamic and static pressuretemperatures. Available in absolute, sealed gage, or true gage zero pressure reference and either an RTD or thermocouple for temperature measurement, the unit is entirely... [See More]

  • Connection: Plug or Quick Connect
  • Mounting Options: Thermohead or Thermowell Mounting (e.g. "Hockey puck" Style)
  • Sensed Temperature: -320 to 400
  • Output: Analog Current (Typical 4-20 mA)