Sensor / Transducer Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors Datasheets

Sekidenko MXE High-Speed Pyrometer
from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

High-speed measurement for precise control in dynamic processes. The Sekidenko MXE pyrometer combines speed and precision, enabling accurate, non-contact, repeatable measurement and control of demanding applications. Its high-speed (up to 10 kHz) performance is ideal for processes with moving... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 0.5000
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector
Aluminium Extrusion, Quench and Strip Pyrometer -- SPOT AL EQS
from AMETEK Land


  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Response Time: 15 to 10000
  • Temperature Range: 392 to 1292
  • Technology: Optical Pyrometer
Cellular Temperature Monitoring Kit
from Anaren, Inc.

Need to remotely monitor the temperature of a refrigerator or other temperature-critical asset? Even better, want the results to be sent automatically to a designated cell phone and a cloud server for easy reporting? The Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit (standard) is just the ticket! For... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Operating Temperature: -67 to 257
  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
Array Based Thermopile Detector -- SLA32
from Dexter Research Center, Inc.

Features: A 2 x 16 staggered element silicon-based thermopile array. Each active area is 0.05mm x 0.65mm with a time constant of 7ms and a very low Temperature Coefficient of Responsivity of -0.01%/ °C. It is packaged in a 38-pin DIP. Applications: Spectral analysis and line temperature... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Detectivity: 4.2 to 12
  • Responsivity: 93.2 to 186
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
Ceiling Mount Pyro -- LHi 1128
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

The LHi 1128 pyroelectric "Quad" infrared detector provides four elements connected to one common output. This configuration anables specific applications in ceiling mount location when applied with suitable lens or mirror optics designs. For better EMI protection, the built-in capacitor option is... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Detectivity: 0.8000
  • Responsivity: 5.40E-6 to 6.50E-6
  • Technology: Optical Pyrometer; Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Pyroelectric Detector)
thermoMETER CS -- CS-SF15-C1
from Micro-Epsilon Group

The infrared sensors of the thermoMETER CTlaser series are designed for precision measurement tasks. Both the laser beams mark the actual measuring spot for any distance. The thermoMETER CTlaser series are designed with the most sophisticated optics for the IR sensors to measure with the world... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 1.5
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 752
  • % of Reading: 0.7500
4-wire Infrared Temperature Transmitter -- OS1551
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OS1551-A and OS1552-A have an exceptionally fast time constant of 10 msec (0 to 63.2%), which makes them ideal for use in fast changing processes or to capture quick temperature changes. They are compatible with any of NEWPORT ’s process control instrumentation such as meters or... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 1022
  • Degrees: 3
Thermopile Infrared (IR) Modules -- TPT300V IR Pryometer
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

TE Connectivity is a leader in the design and manufacture of NTC thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermopiles, digital output and customized sensor assemblies. Building on our long standing experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of temperature measurement, control and compensation... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 572
  • Electrical Output: Voltage; Serial
Infrared Sensor -- IRS-W
from Weschler Instruments

Infrared (1 to 999,990 RPM). Infrared Sensor with 8' cable. Usewithout Reflective Tape at .5" sensing gap from target. Senseswhite to black contrasting marks or beam can beinterrupted by solid objects. Dimensions: 0.625" dia x 2.9" L. [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
Analog Output Sensors -- T-GAGE M18T Series - Analog
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Overview. Can be programmed for either positive or negative analog slope. Responds in 75 milliseconds. Works by detecting infrared energy objects emit. Senses temperature differences as small as 3 ° C, on moving or still products. Senses from 0 ° to 300 ° C. Offers 12 to 30V dc supply... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Ratio: Distance / Spot Size: 6 to 14
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 572
Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate -- HFP01SC-L
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The HFP01SC measures heat flux, typically as a component within energy balance or Bowen ratio flux systems. The HFP01SC is manufactured for Campbell Scientific by Hukseflux (Delft, The Netherlands). The sensor outputs a voltage signal that is proportional to the heat flux of the surrounding medium. [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: -3 to 3
  • Temperature Range: -22 to 158
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
Eurotron IRtec Rayomatic 10
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

The IRtec Rayomatic 10 family of non-contact smart temperature transmitters represents the ideal solution when high performance and advanced functionality are required in a limited space. The IRtec Rayomatic 10 is designed for an easy integration into a standard 2-wire 4/20 mA current loop system. [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Spectral Range: 0.9000 to 14
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 2912
  • Ratio: Distance / Spot Size: 12 to 50
InfraPro Non-Contact Thermometer -- 635-6510
from DME Company

InfraPro Non-Contact Thermometer [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.100A-*-HiE
from Exergen Corp.

These models allow for the user to calibrate the IRt/c's to match a thermocouple in whatever temperature range they desire. The range adjustment screw is adjusted to calibrate for temperature range of interest and material properties (emissivity). Models for non-metals (HiE) and metals (LoE) are... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Spectral Range: 2 to 20
  • Temperature Range: 1000 to 5000
  • Ratio: Distance / Spot Size: 100
TS105-1 & Ts105-2
from HL-Planartechnik GmbH

Sensitivity of sensor is 110 V/W [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 212
  • Electrical Output: Voltage
BA Series -- BA-06TA
from HTM Electronics Industries

Air purge collar used to keep dust and moisture away from lens, aluminum [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 968
  • Spectral Range: 8 to 14
Handheld Infrared Thermometer -- ULTIMAX Series
from Ircon, Inc.

The Ultimax ® series are handheld, portable infrared thermometers designed for maintenance applications and verification of process temperatures. For users that need temperature reporting capabilities, the Ultimax infrared thermometer can be used in datalogging mode to store up to 1000... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Technology: Optical Pyrometer
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 5430
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 125
Pressure and Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensors
from Kavlico

For measurements in OEM and demanding environments, Kavlico ’s combined pressure and temperature sensor is the answer. This 4-wire device operates on a 5 volt regulated power supply and provides a 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc linear signal proportional to pressure while temperature output is resistive-based... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
Handheld Thermopile Probes -- Gentec-EO FLASH
from KENTEK Corporation

Gentec-EO FLASH handheld thermopile laser power probes with 55mm diameter aperture, 190-20,000nm spectral range and various power sensitivities. [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
  • Spectral Range: 0.1900 to 20
Infraducer Series 200 -- MI-N200
from Mikron Infrared Inc.

Digital pyrometer w/ analog output (2 wire form) and service interface [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: -26 to 1652
  • Degrees: 1.8
Flat Response Thermopile -- PMA2143
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

With the PMA2143 thermopile radiant fluxes can be measured. It is sensitive to radiation from 0.2 to 50 µm, and has a field of view of 10 °. It brings the unsurpassed features and high accuracy of this class of instruments into the price range of photovoltaic detectors. FEATURES. Flat... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Response Time: 30000
  • Spectral Range: 0.2000 to 50
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
Amplifierintegrated Water-Cooled Sensor -- KD-150C
from Takex America, Inc.

Description. KD-150C is extremely compact and low-cost for an amplifierintegrated water-cooled sensors. KD150C directly detects infrared radiation and outputs ON-OFF signals, which is useful in applications such as detection of passage or position of red-hot steel materials including ingots, slabs,... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Response Time: 500
  • Temperature Range: 302 to ?
  • Technology: Other Technology
Noncontact Infrared Temperature Measurement System - NCIT-LC Plus Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

The NCIT-LC Plus is a versatile two-piece system with a miniature sensing head and separate electronics. The sensor is small enough to be installed just about anywhere, yet it performs as well as much larger systems. The sensor is housed in rugged stainless steel to ensure long- term performance,... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 1000
  • Degrees: 2.5
Infrared Sensor -- Raytek CI
from Watlow®

Watlow offers a selection of Raytek ® infrared temperature sensors. These sensors have the ability to measure the temperature in fast-moving processes quickly and efficiently in various manufacturing applications. These sensors measure the temperature of a product directly, instead of the oven... [See More]

  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • % of Reading: 5
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 932
  • Degrees: 10