Dry Grinding Superabrasives and Diamond Tools Datasheets

Cubic Boron Nitrate Blade -- METS-DCBN-W05-0220
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

Used for iron , cobalt, lead based alloys & nickel base super alloy [See More]

  • Applications: Dry Grinding; Wet Grinding
  • Outer / OD: 5.00
  • Type: Discs
  • Bore / Shank: 0.500
ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel -- 69014191904
from Norton Abrasives

ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel [See More]

  • Applications: Coarse Grit Rough Grinding / Material Removal; Bench, Pedestal or Backstand; Dry Grinding; Toolroom, Sharpening or Precision Grinding; Profile or Gear Grinding; Wet Grinding
  • Outer / OD: 3.75
  • Type: Discs; FlaringCup
  • Bore / Shank: 1.250
EB Diamond Cluster Wheel -- EB4007880CLSF

Diamond Wheels for cleaning and grinding metal, fiberglass and more. Eco Brazing (EB) diamond cluster wheels from CS Unitec are designed for removing paint, rust and epoxy on metal. Also for high material removal on fiberglass, composites and plastics without loading up like traditional abrasives. [See More]

  • Applications: Coarse Grit Rough Grinding / Material Removal; Dry Grinding; Portable Grinder or Handheld
  • Outer / OD: 4.00
  • Type: Discs
  • Bore / Shank: 0.875
0.1µm Diamond Film -- 0700-2720
from KITCO Fiber Optics

10 sheets per package [See More]

  • Applications: Dry Grinding
  • Type: Diamond
  • Type: Sheet, Roll or Lapping Film
  • System: Micron Graded