Steel Drill Bits Datasheets

Aircraft Drill,1/16x12 In,HSS,Blk Oxide -- 5TVK3 [5TVK3 from Global Sources c/o Media Data Systems Pte. Ltd.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Extension Drill, Aircraft, List Number 912CAT, Number of Pieces 1, Heavy Duty Grade, High Speed Steel, Black Oxide Finish, Split Point, Decimal Equivalent 0.0625, Tool Steels, Carbon Steel, Plastic, Cast Iron, Package Quantity 1 [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Hard; Plastic; Steel; Cast Iron
  • Rotation: RightHand
  • Product: Drill
  • Cutting Length: 0.88
Hole Saws -- RHS/RS Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Use your hand drill or drill press to fabricate jack panels with hole saws and around hole connectors. When the plate is too thick for punches, the saw is the solution. Complete assembly including saw, pilot drill, and mandril. [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Aluminum; Steel
  • Units: Fractional
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist; Hole Saw
Brazed Carbide Single-lip Gun Drill -- CoroDrill A428.91
from Sandvik Coromant Co.

In the machining world, drilling depths of 10 times the diameter and deeper are classified as deep hole drilling operations, whereby smaller drilling depths can also be produced with the help of gun drills. The positive effects of the gun drilling process are good surface quality, optimized... [See More]

  • Cutting Application: Steel; Cast Iron, Automotive Industry
  • Units: Fractional; Metric (optional feature)
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Gundrill
Bellhanger Steel Bit -- BELL1218 [BELL1218 from BES Manufacturing]
from All-Spec Industries

" 3/8"" x 18""." [See More]

  • Cutting Application: Steel; Wood
  • Units: Fractional
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist
Ecocut Mini -- 11107950
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

EcoCut can perform up to four operations with one tool. The EcoCut tool can be used for drilling, boring applications, facing operations and standard turning operations. [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Aluminum; Stainless; Steel
  • Units: Fractional
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist
ADPF30 120°point angle, 3mm shank Drill Bit -- ADPF30-0003
from Atom Precision of America, Inc.

Special guide-hole drills for use in drilling small holes. Most suitable for work that requires stringent hole position accuracy. Additional size of 0.01mm increment line up from Ø0.03 to Ø0.3 [See More]

  • Cutting Application: Steel
  • Units: Metric
  • Product: Drill
  • Diameter: 0.001