Shank Type:Other Drill Bits Datasheets

Brazed Carbide Single-lip Gun Drill -- CoroDrill A428.91
from Sandvik Coromant Co.

In the machining world, drilling depths of 10 times the diameter and deeper are classified as deep hole drilling operations, whereby smaller drilling depths can also be produced with the help of gun drills. The positive effects of the gun drilling process are good surface quality, optimized... [See More]

  • Shank: Increased Shank
  • Units: Fractional; Metric (optional feature)
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Gundrill
Carbide 1-Flute Twist Drill with Reinforced Shank -- Style A
from WhizCut of Sweden AB

Style A | Carbide 1-Flute Twist drill with reinforced shank. With WhizDrill we have put together a range of micro drills that start at 0,1 mm and go up to 3 mm. These can be ordered to any geometry and shank sizes in stock are 1,00 mm, 1,50 mm, 2,00 mm, 2,50 mm, 3,00 mm, 1/8 ’ and 4.00 mm. We... [See More]

  • Shank: Reinforced Shank
  • Units: Metric
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist; Microdrill
EcoCut UTS MIY Shank -- 11085385
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

EcoCut can perform up to four operations with one tool. The EcoCut tool can be used for drilling, boring applications, facing operations and standard turning operations. [See More]

  • Shank: UTS MIY
  • Units: Fractional
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist
Left-Hand Cobalt Micro-Drill -- LHMD-010
from Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc.

Diameter (metric): 0.1mm. Flute Length (metric): 0.70mm. Number of Flutes: Overall Length (metric): 25mm. Shank Diameter (metric): 1mm. Type: Drill [See More]

  • Shank: Enlarged Shank
  • Units: Metric
  • Product: Drill
  • Drill Type: Twist; Microdrill