V-Belt 2/8V1120 -- 108489
from Baldor Electric Company

V-Groove sheaves and matching V-Belts used to transmit rotating mechanical power between two shafts on medium to high speed applications. Economical cost per HP transmitted. Shock load and vibration isolation. Clean, quiet operation. Capable of up to 1/2 deg misalignment. Stock drive selections... [See More]

  • English: 8V
  • Type: Multiple Band
  • Belt Length: 112.00
  • Number: 2
High Capacity Narrow V-Belts -- 8V/25N
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing all kinds of v belts, rubber timing belts (synchronous belts), auto timing belts, double-sided tooth synchronous belts, s step less speed change belts, multi-wedge belts, motorcycle V-belts, auto V-belts and various cutting V-belts,... [See More]

  • English: 8V
  • Belt Width: 0.98
  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Length: 100.00 to 500.00
Power Ace® (3V, 5V, 8V)
from Bando American, Inc.

BANDO's Power Ace ® narrow profile V-belt transmits power more effi-. ciently and effectively, delivering higher horsepower ratings than classi-. cal cross section belts. BANDO's Power Ace ® should be considered for. any new drive application, as they can transmit the same load as classi-. [See More]

  • English: 3V; 5V; 8V
  • Belt: Rubber
  • Belt Length: 25.00 to 560.00
Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt -- 8VX1000
from Carlisle Power Transmission

Higher HP ratings, greater design flexibility, longer life [See More]

  • English: 8V
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 100.00
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced; Polyester
Predator® PowerBand® Belts -- 8VP
from Gates Corporation

Predator classical v belt [See More]

  • English: 8V
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 100.00 to 600.00
  • Number: 2 to 12
8V Belt -- 8V2120
from TB Woods Incorporated

TB Wood ’s Narrow (Ultra-V) sheaves are constructed of fine grain, high tensile cast iron and have been carefully engineered to assure maximum performance over a long life span. For applications with special requirements, Wood ’s sheaves are also available on a made-to-order basis in... [See More]

  • English: 8V
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 212.00
  • Features: Truly Endless