V-Belt E180 -- 107131
from Baldor Electric Company

V-Groove sheaves and matching V-Belts used to transmit rotating mechanical power between two shafts on medium to high speed applications. Economical cost per HP transmitted. Shock load and vibration isolation. Clean, quiet operation. Capable of up to 1/2 deg misalignment. Stock drive selections... [See More]

  • English: E
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 184.50
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced
Power King® (A, B, C, D, E)
from Bando American, Inc.

BANDO's continuous improvements in materials, design and manufac- turing methods make the Power King ® classical cross section belt the workhorse of industry. Bias cut, rubber impregnated fabric cover provides superior flexibility and friction resistance. Oil and heat resistant. Ultra high... [See More]

  • English: A/4L; B/5L; C; D; E
  • Belt: Rubber
  • Belt Length: 20.00 to 603.00
Eagle Orange 85 E Ribbed -- 1032070
from Fenner Drives

Ideal for light- to medium-duty applications [See More]

  • English: E
  • Belt: Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Type: Multiple Band
  • Minimum Pulley Size: 15.00
Hi-Power® II Belts -- E
from Gates Corporation

Hipower ii classical v belt [See More]

  • English: E
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 149.00 to 664.00
  • Belt: Rubber
Classical EP V-Belt -- EP144
from TB Woods Incorporated

TB Wood ’s Classical (also known as Conventional) V-belts include five cross sections: A, B, C, D, and E. These sections are a continuing development of the original V-belts of the 1930 ’s. A, B, C, and D belts are available in wrapped or cog construction and all are static conducting,... [See More]

  • English: E
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 148.50
  • Features: Truly Endless