Flat Punches Datasheets

Machinist's Punch

Ampco non-sparking products are intended for use in areas where a high risk of fire or explosion exists, as in the presence of flammable gases or liquids. Non-magnetic Ampco tools, made from a variety of Ampco alloys with a typical magnetic permeability between 1.01 and 1.2, are recommended in... [See More]

  • Point Shape Features: Flat
  • Shapes: Round
  • Type: Regular / Solid Punch
  • Shank Diameter: 0.6299 to 0.9843
Soft-Face Punch -- CL-3408-010-SFP
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

FEATURES: Soft-Face Punches safely extend the reach of a hammer when access is restricted. Transfers impact to difficult-to-reach places. Made in Germany. SIZES: Available in two sizes (face diameters) — see Dimensions page for part numbers: 10mm (.39"). 15mm (.59"). INSERTS: Soft-Face Punches... [See More]

  • Point Shape Features: Flat
  • Shapes: Round
  • Type: Blank
  • Overall Length: 0.3937
14 Pieces – Mechanics Punch & Chisel Set -- 9663
from Wright Tool

Wright has a full range of striking tools for various applications. Our selection includes NUPLA ™ dead-blow, soft-face, brass, ball peen, and claw hammers; cross peen, short handle and double-face sledge hammers; and rubber mallets. We also offer a wide selection of MAYHEW ™ punches and... [See More]

  • Point Shape Features: Flat; Round / Spherical; Pointed
  • Shapes: Round
  • Type: Regular / Solid Punch; Pin Punch; Prick Punch; Center
  • Length: 0.1250 to 0.3125