Straight Reamers Datasheets

from Radwell International


  • Flutes: Straight
  • Number of Flutes: 6
  • Diameter: 0.403
Reamers -- CoroReamer 435
from Sandvik Coromant Co.

CoroReamer ™ 435 is a multi-application, versatile, and high speed reamer, suitable for a wide range of materials. It gives you really close hole tolerances and high-quality surface finish thanks to internal coolant, cutting edge geometry, and extremely unequal spacing of the cutting edges. [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight (optional feature); Spiral (optional feature)
  • Diameter: 0.156 to 0.787
  • Size Units: Fractional (optional feature); Metric
  • Shank: 0.156 to 0.787
Alvan® Monobloc, Series 2430 -- 0.2283 - 0.2598
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Alvan® Monobloc Reamer is available with carbide, cermet, PCD or CBN cutting edges and in diameter sizes from 0.2283 inch to 1.2638 inch (5.80 mm to 32.10 mm). In addition to producing close tolerances and dimensional accuracy of machined holes, this high performance reaming product provides a lower... [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight
  • Diameter: 0.228 to 0.260
  • Size Units: Metric
  • Shank: 0.472
from Alvord-Polk, Inc.

Straight shank, chucking reamer, high speed steel [See More]

  • Flutes: Right Hand (optional feature); Left Hand (optional feature); Straight; Spiral (optional feature)
  • Designation: #70
  • Size Units: Wire Gauge
  • Diameter: 0.280
Series 771 -- 7710310
from CGS Tool

Micro grain, solid carbide, straight flutes, RHC [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight
  • Designation: 68
  • Size Units: Wire Gauge
  • Diameter: 0.031
5250 Series Solid Carbide Reamer -- 5250-0400
from Contour360º

Straight flute, RHC. All Series 5250 Reamers are supplied with standard 45 º chamfer. Series 5250 includes number sizes, letter sizes, fractional sizes, metric sizes and decimal sizes, including over/under sizes. [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight
  • Designation: #60
  • Size Units: Fractional; Wire Gauge
  • Diameter: 0.040
Machine Reamers For Cartridge Heater Holes -- LRS-Series
from DME Company

D-M-E Machine Reamers are made of top quality High Speed Steel and are especially effective for use in materials which are ordinarily dif?cult to ream. The right-hand spiral and right-hand cut design gives them a free cutting action resulting in smooth, accurate holes. Right Hand Spiral. Right Hand... [See More]

  • Flutes: Right Hand; Straight; Spiral
  • Number: 1
  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Shank: 0.310 to 0.625
from Professional Tool Grinding, Inc.

Diameters from 1/64" to 1", multiple step, straight, spiral flute reamers [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight (optional feature); Spiral (optional feature)
  • Reamer Type: Chucking (optional feature); Step (optional feature)
  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Product Packaging: Individual Reamer
Cavity Tool, Hydraforce
from SCT - Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

Hydraforce (VC) carbide tipped cavity tools are stocked in both roughing and finishing versions. [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight
  • Diameter: 1.163 to 1.750
  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Shank: 0.750
"11/32" (.3438) x 3" OAL Carbide Tapered Drill Reamer -- 640-3438-3 TDR
from Superior Tool Service, Inc.

"11/32" (.3438) x 3" OAL solid carbide, 4 flute, straight flute tapered drill reamer with 1.75 flute length. Designed for Composite Material Applications. [See More]

  • Flutes: Straight
  • Designation: 11/32"
  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 0.344
Chucking Reamer 300-1 -- 300-1
from Universal Cutting Tools, Inc.

Chucking Reamer - Straight Shank / Straight Flute - Right Hand Cut - High Speed Steel - European Made [See More]

  • Flutes: Right Hand; Straight
  • Designation: 1"
  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 1.000