English / Fractional Reamers Datasheets

Adj Hand Reamer,1 1/16-1 3/16,10,HSS -- 4LGT6 [4LGT6 from Global Sources c/o Media Data Systems Pte. Ltd.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Adjustable Hand Reamer, Adjustable Blade, Number of Pieces 1, Straight Shank, Fractional Size 1 1/16-1 3/16 In, Overall Length 10 In, High Speed Steel, Black Oxide Finish [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 1.062 to 1.188
  • Number: 1
  • Reamer Type: Chucking
British Standard Parallel Pipe Reamers -- PT-BSPP-1 1/2
from SCT - Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

All Port Tools are ground between centers to ensure absolute concentricity. They are made from heat-treated alloy steel with brazed carbide inserts. They are designed to enlarge a pre-drilled hole and easily produce a complex form. Port Tools can be used for both lathe and mill applications. British... [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Shank: 1.000
  • Diameter: 1.774
  • Cutting Length: 1.08
Socket Reliever Pipe Fitting Reamers -- 16783
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Quickly and easily removes pipe from solvent welded or threaded fittings. Save time and money over replacing whole assembly. Perfect for plumbing, irrigation and pool/spa contractors. Removes Schedule 40 plastic pipe. Cuts ABS or PVC DWV pipe below slab. Fits 1/2" variable speed power drill. [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Reamer Type: Taper Pipe
  • Diameter: 0.500
  • Product Packaging: Individual Reamer
Alvan® Monobloc, Series I 92430 -- 0.2283 - 0.2598
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Alvan® Monobloc Reamer is available with carbide, cermet, PCD or CBN cutting edges and in diameter sizes from 0.2283 inch to 1.2638 inch (5.80 mm to 32.10 mm). In addition to producing close tolerances and dimensional accuracy of machined holes, this high performance reaming product provides a lower... [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Shank: 0.500
  • Diameter: 0.228 to 0.260
  • Cutting Length: 0.32
from Alvord-Polk, Inc.

Straight shank, chucking reamer, high speed steel [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 0.031
  • Designation: 1/32"
  • Shank: 0.029
Series 771 -- 7710312
from CGS Tool

Micro grain, solid carbide, straight flutes, RHC [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 0.031
  • Designation: 1/32"
  • Cutting Length: 0.25
5250 Series Solid Carbide Reamer -- 5250-0400
from Contour360º

Straight flute, RHC. All Series 5250 Reamers are supplied with standard 45 º chamfer. Series 5250 includes number sizes, letter sizes, fractional sizes, metric sizes and decimal sizes, including over/under sizes. [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional; Wire Gauge
  • Diameter: 0.040
  • Designation: #60
  • Cutting Length: 0.38
Hand Reamer For Finishing -- SR-H Series
from DME Company

Sprue Bushing Reamers. High Speed Steel, Right Hand Cut, Left Hand Spiral. For optimum results, ?rst step drill hole slightly under reamer size. Then use machine reamer followed by hand reamer. [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 0.375 to 0.875
  • Number: 1
  • Shank: 0.312 to 0.625
from Professional Tool Grinding, Inc.

Diameters from 1/64" to 1", multiple step, straight, spiral flute reamers [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Product Packaging: Individual Reamer
  • Reamer Type: Chucking (optional feature); Step (optional feature)
  • Flutes: Straight (optional feature); Spiral (optional feature)
127 Inner-Outer Reamer
from RIDGID®

FEATURES. Handy for quick, clean and easy I.D. reaming and O.D. beveling of 1 ⁄4" (6 mm) to 1 1 ⁄2" (40 mm) tube. Plastic construction with long-wearing alloy steel blades. Gives fast, professional reaming on copper, aluminum, brass and other types of tubing. [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional; Metric
  • Reamer Type: Deburring
  • Diameter: 0.125 to 1.500
  • Product Packaging: Individual Reamer
from United Refrigeration, Inc.

Reams both inside and outside edges of tube with 3 hollow ground cutters. Tough die cast body. For 3/161/2" OD tubing [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Product Packaging: Individual Reamer
  • Diameter: 0.188 to 0.500
Chucking Reamer 300-1 -- 300-1
from Universal Cutting Tools, Inc.

Chucking Reamer - Straight Shank / Straight Flute - Right Hand Cut - High Speed Steel - European Made [See More]

  • Size Units: Fractional
  • Diameter: 1.000
  • Designation: 1"
  • Shank: 0.784